Automotive OEM coatings designed for plastic components – that is our primary focus. For much of its history, NB Coatings has dedicated itself to that market and it shows. Because of that dedication, we have been the leader for exterior trim coatings for over 20 years and have remained focused on this very complex market. Our coatings are designed for the primary automotive market, serving the OEMs directly or their Tiers. We are not in the after-market business – all of our coatings are of the highest quality, designed to meet the strictest of standards. Also, we are not in the body business, with the coatings for plastic components as side market. Because of this, our Technical team and Field Service team are experts in one thing: Automotive OEM coatings designed for plastic components.

NB Coatings supplies exterior trim coatings to all major automotive OEMs and their Tiers and its products are designed for all types of parts and finishes. We offer complete coatings systems that are designed to work together for maximum appearance, quality, and consistent application:

  • Adhesion promoters and primers
  • Basecoats and monocoats
  • Clearcoats

We understand that not every customer applies coatings in the same way and that each paint line presents its own unique challenges. Because of that, a one-size-fits-all paint technology probably will not work for most customers. That is why we strive to truly understand the specific needs of each customer as well as their paint lines so we can provide the best paint system / solution possible.

NB Coatings has OEM-approved paint systems for all automotive exterior trim substrates, including:

  • ABS
  • ABS / PC
  • ASA / PC
  • Nylon and GTX
  • TPO (rigid and flexible)
  • SMC
  • Primed metal