Why NB Coatings: Personal Development

At NB Coatings, we know that to run a tight ship, we need employees that feel satisfied and happy. Our aim has always been to provide customers with the best service, and for that to be possible, we need to start at the core of our company. We have taken many steps towards ensuring that our team is solid and that all its members know that they have our continuous support. We want each and every one of our employees to fulfill their aspirations, both in the workplace and in their personal lives.

We Believe in Community

NB Coatings has a great reputation thanks to its work in the paints-on-plastics industry but we want to go further. We are part of our communities and as such, we share the responsibility of helping others. Our team is always ready to lend a hand when needed. Over the years, we have taken part in different activities that have made a difference in the lives of those around us.

We Believe in Diversity

Every member of our team brings something new to the table. We thrive because of our differences and not in spite of them. We believe that whatever makes someone unique can only enrich our company. We welcome employees with diverse ideas and backgrounds. After all, we are part of a global community and marketplace where listening to different voices can give us a clear advantage.

We Believe in You

We have built a welcoming work environment where our employees can succeed but that is not where we have stopped. NB Coatings offers well-being and development programs that encourage our team. There is a variety of programs that aims to motivate and empower employees. Every member of our team is important and we want to make sure that they are always satisfied with their work. Not to mention that these programs can also have a positive impact on their health. At NB Coatings, we value and look after our workforce.