NB Coatings, the leader in the North American plastic automotive coatings market, has a history going back 70 years.

In 1945, Dr. Johan Björksten, a Finnish chemist that immigrated to the United States, started his research organization in Chicago. He did research regarding paints for plastics, but as he was not interested in manufacturing the product, he sold the business to Madison “Al” Self. Self, who had earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, named the company Bee Chemical. It originally focused on coatings for polystyrene used in the appliance industry. The business grew and as the 50’s were drawing to a close, the company moved to its present location in Lansing, Illinois.

It was not long before Bee Chemical and Nippon Paint Co. began a technical collaboration on coatings. In 1971, Nippon Bee Chemical Co. was founded in Japan to supply the Japanese automotive market with paint for plastics. In 1985, Morton International acquired the business from Mr. Self. The business was rebranded as Morton Automotive Coatings (MAC).

In 1996, due to an increasing presence of Japanese automotive manufacturers in North America, Nippon Paint and Morton Automotive Coatings formed a joint venture. Morton Nippon Coatings (MNC) was developed to market coatings for automotive plastic substrates to Japanese original equipment manufacturers and tier suppliers.

In 1999, Rohm & Haas Company acquired Morton International and renamed MAC as Rohm & Haas Automotive Coatings (RHAC).

Finally, in 2006, Nippon Paint acquired Rohm & Haas Automotive Coatings and, combining it with the MNC joint venture, renamed the business as NB Coatings Inc. Today we use the most innovative technologies to service the automotive industry’s requirements for robust, cost-effective coatings for plastic substrates.