The automotive interior has changed dramatically over the years. The Automotive OEMs listened to consumer requests to improve the overall interior quality for the individual driver and one of the ways OEMs responded was through the usage of coatings. Coatings not only improve the quality and durability of plastic substrates, they also improve the overall driving experience through unique appearances (metallic) and haptic feedback (soft feel). NB Coatings has worked closely with all of the major OEMs (Domestic and Transplant) to meet every new challenge – whether it is adhering to next-generation plastics or achieving exterior-grade metallic appearance or setting the industry standard for a Softouch coating.

NB Coatings also understands that it is not only about meeting the OEM specifications, but just as important is developing coatings that are user friendly and consistent for the finisher. Our experienced staff of Field Technical Support works closely with our customers to ensure that our coatings apply consistently well, batch to batch, ensuring that appearance and quality standards are met or exceeded.

NB Coatings has OEM-approved coatings for automotive interior plastic substrates such as:

  • ABS
  • ABS/PC
  • PC
  • TPO (rigid and flexible)
  • PVC/ Vinyl
  • Polyphenylene Ether (PPE) + Polyamide (PA) blends
  • Copolyester (airbag covers)

NB Coatings supplies interior coatings to most major automotive OEMs and their Tiers and its products are designed for all types of finishes and gloss ranges:

  • Metallics – low gloss and high gloss (including high-reflective Bright Finishes)
  • Straight shades – low gloss and high gloss
  • Haptic / Soft-Feel Coatings