Coatings for Plastics

The automotive coatings market for plastic parts is complex and constantly evolving. Automotive OEMs are always looking to differentiate themselves with unique appearances or new colors; all this while increasing their demands for quality and durability.

The use of plastic has increased as car manufacturers strive to reduce vehicle weight and overall vehicle cost. The variety of plastic substrates used has also increased. In the 1980s, steel bumpers gave way to RIM (reaction injected molded) bumpers and have since evolved to thermoplastic olefin fascias. The use of composite plastics to replace metal components is an even more recent trend, requiring unique coating solutions.

On the inside of the vehicle, simple vinyl dashboards have become complex cockpits designed to enhance the driving experience with soft-feel materials and eye-catching metallic accents.

But regardless of the OEM specification, regardless of the substrate, regardless of color, NB Coatings has an approved product or can develop one to meet that need:

  • Waterborne and Solvent borne
  • Lacquer, 1-Component or 2-Component
  • High-bake or Low-bake
  • Low, Medium, or High-gloss

We supply complete paint systems:

  • A full range of primers and adhesion promoters for any substrate
  • Basecoat/Clearcoat
  • Monocoat
  • Lacquers