New Product Research and Development

NB Coatings develops new products to meet the changing market needs of OEMs and tier suppliers. This dedication to innovation has produced some of the automotive plastic paint industry’s most significant developments; the first waterborne interior lacquer, the first enamel adhesion promoter, and in 2006, the first high-solids, 1K, low-bake exterior basecoat.

Every tier has a unique line configuration and can benefit from specialized products and service. NB Coatings partners with customers to clearly understand their requirements for processing, quality, delivery, and technical assistance. Products and services are then tailored for each customer’s processing requirements.

Manufacturing Quality Excellence

NB Coatings has been certified to TS16949 and ISO17025. NB Coatings is committed to continuous improvement of this high level of quality.

NB Coating’s manufacturing operations will continuously set the standard as manufacturers for the automotive coatings market. NB Coating’s mission is to consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations 100% of the time by providing the highest quality product in a safe, timely and consistent manner.